Robin Hood 702 – Takes From the Casinos Gives To the Poor

Meet Robin Hood 702 – the modern Robin Hood who use his gambling skills to win money and given to the poor family. It may sound like crazy but it is TRUE!!

If you are suffering heavy debt or deep financial problem then you can send your video clips to Robin Hood 702’s website – to explaining your problem.

Robin Hood 702 will review and choose the one that touches him most  and the deserving family will has the chance to fly to Las Vegas (the bills is paid by Robin Hood) and watch him take part in gambling. No matter what happen, he will pay at least half of the financial bills for the deserving family.

Why Robin Hood 702? 702 is the area code of Las Vegas.

If you are US citizen, poor and needy then send your videos to your story to Robin Hood 702. :)

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