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About Me

My name is Martin Loh.  I am a Project engineer in local OEM (Original Engineering Manufacturer) company which manufacturing vacuum cleaner.

But after working for 3 years, I noticed that my salary still remain almost same as my salary which i joined this company 3 years ago.  The increment in my salary is too low. 🙁

Therefore, I started my journey to seek some opportunity to earn more money.  I joined several MLM (multilevel Marketing Company) but failed to earn any big money.  Well, the mlm marketing in my country market is saturated and there is 3000++ MLM company in my country.

I start to involved in internet marketing after accidentally read an article in internet regarding make money online. This article is about make money online with google adsense.

I am very excited and start my research on google adsense. I bought some ebook online to learn the valuable secret that never taught in school and university. 🙂

Beside that, I also learn some valuable information from other famous blogger –,, and many more.

I am consider not professional Blogger YET if compare to above super blogger which earn million of dollar in 1 year.  But I am predict that I will success in my internet marketing career and I will be FULL Time like those super blogger. 🙂

This blog is my personal blog and I am going to write down all my experience about internet marketing include blog tips, wordpress, blogger, clickbank, google adsense, tools, information and etc.  Of course is FREE. 🙂

Many of my friends is wonder what I am doing everyday when I am free. Well, this blog will be my proof and also can teach my friends regarding internet marketing .

I will update this blog frequently as I can and hope my blog information and tips can help you especially newbie on internet marketing.  I hope you enjoy surfing my blog and do give your valuable comments and tips in my posts.


Martin Loh

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