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Legion Movie Review

I watched the motion movie –  Legion today with same group of my friends (whose watched Paranormal Activity movie, 3 of them actually not finished the Paranormal movie. 🙂 ).


Basically, this movie is about:

When GOD grows tired of humans and their disobedience, he sends the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) to wipe them off the face of the earth. More specifically he needs to kill the one child that can stop God’s wrath and save mankind. The only problem is that child hasn’t been born yet, and the mother is a waitress at a small diner in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Michael defies God’s Will and decides to save the child, which turns the restaurant into a war zone between heaven and earth. He will have to combat an entire legion of angels led by the heavily favored, Gabriel (Kevin Durand).

Overall, I give this movie 6/10,

What i like this movie:

Actions: Plenty of actions and violence. This time, Angels play with guns and bombs. More like another type of Died Hard.  There is some value of entertainment within action scene. 🙂

What i dislike this movie:

No filter: This is actually the first movie which i watched that without filter – you can hear a lot of  “What the F**K” and etc.

The Bad: Angels should be good but in this movie, angels more like demons, killing everyone include children. (What wrong with the director?)

Defies Logic: The pregnant woman can running around just after delivering a baby. (Can your mom/wife do that after delivered a baby?) Another thing – Angels should  killed the woman easily because they got wings and can fly. Why they need to use human body to chase and kill the woman. 😕

If you has any answer for above review then shot me a comment at below. 🙂

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Comment by Digi
2010-01-25 12:01:12

Weired story indeed. Initial the story said “Tuhan” want to eliminate all the human, and somehow (i don’t know why) “Tuhan” want to kill a pregnant lady. So “Tuhan” sent “hanTu” to do the job.

1) Why “Tuhan” want to kill all human???
2) Why “Tuhan” want to specifically kill that pregnant lady???
3) Why the “hanTu” sent by “Tuhan” fight the Angel using bare hand, why they don’t use Gun M16, Bazuka, or even drive Tank. (the Angel know how to use gun!!!)

Finally, if “Tuhan” really want to kill all human, i want to suggest that there are some better way – just press a button and send some Nuclear Boom or Missile to that Angle. Maybe “Tuhan” don’t know about “E=MC2”.Hmmm…

Comment by Martin Loh
2010-01-26 19:33:26

First…. This is a movie only and all the “things” created just only human’s imagination.
Don’t get too serious with it. Bro..

Second…. All the story is written by human and only for entertainment…

Therefore, all your answer need to be answer by director or script writer.. 🙂

Comment by Digi
2010-01-27 13:15:59

Hmmm…you are right, so the script writer “sucks”…my score is 4/10…

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