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How To Apply A Google Adsense Account

Before you apply google adsense, you need to know a bit of google adsense.  I wrote a post regarding google adsense, you can read it if you has not idea what is google adsense.

Step 1:

First, you need a blog or website in order to apply google adsense, because google employees will review your blog/website.  You can use a free hosting blog like blogger or wordpress.  I recommend that you use blogger because google owns blogger.

Step 2:

Start to create some blog posts.  It is better to create at least 8-10 posts which talk about any topic or things that you like.  If you don’t know any about blogging, blogger, how to apply blogger account etc. You can read my previous blog post which about how to start blogging with blogger post. 🙂

Step 3:

Goto and click on Advertising Programs (locate below the search engine tool).  After this, you will be taken to this page as below. Click on Get Started with Adsense.


Fill up all the information like website URL(your blog address), payee name, email address, mailing address and etc. (Please take note that information that you fill in MUST be correct as the cheque that sent to you is according to the information that you given to google).

Step 5:

Wait for few hours to 2 weeks for the approval.  Be patient as google employees need time to review and approve your application.  Your application status will be noticed through your email address.  If your status is approved then congratulation to you and welcome to the world of make money online.

If you be rejected by google, you need to understand what is the main reason for rejection.  Try to overcome the problems and then re-apply again.

My two cents:

I also used blogger blog to apply google adsense.  I had be rejected by google, the reason was my blog only got 4 blog posts.  So I wrote another 4 new blog posts then re-apply again.  After 3 weeks, my application was approved. 🙂

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Comment by Grant
2011-02-08 18:44:02

I have a blogger blog with more than 10 posts plus few pages, but it’s only about a week old. Some of the newer posts, around 3-4posts are not yet indexed as of this writing. Would it be eligible to apply for an adsense account?

Any ideas?

Comment by Martin Loh
2011-02-28 22:49:53

You can try… It depend.. the approval usually done by human and sometimes get approved in just few blog posts.

I got my adsense acount approved just by 6-7 blog posts. 🙂

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